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F R I E N D S O N L Y ! ! [
Thursday, December 25th, 2008@4:46pm
[ mood | tired ]

このジャーナルは唯一の友人である。 - This Journal Is Friends Only.
Please comment here if you want to be added to my friends list.

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FanFiction: Lily’s Incarnation: Rose Knightley [
Sunday, September 23rd, 2007@1:52pm
[ mood | calm ]

Title: Lily’s Incarnation: Rose Knightley
Fandom: Severus Snape & Harry Potter
Author: Ruka Tatsuya ([info]stellar_gsd/Me)
Rose Knightley thought she was like any other 11-year-old girl in the Human World, or rather 'Muggle' World as what Wizards/Witches call it and what she'll soon call it. As a new student in Hogwarts, Rose Knightley thought she was like any other witch or wizard there; she thought she was a normal half-blood with nothing special in her. But is part of being 'normal' getting the interest of Severus Snape and Harry Potter?
Please tell me any comments or reviews you have, I would really appreciate it.

Btw, I’m pretty new to writing especially when it comes to Fan Fiction and RPGs.

Lily’s Incarnation: Rose Knightley

IconTests Award Banners!! [
Sunday, April 29th, 2007@11:21pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

A post for all icontest award banners and the other winning Icons with places, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Mod's Choice & Special Category with pending Banners and such. I'll be updating this post once in a while. Maybe everyweek, it just depends If I win anything or Not. Im still a newbie at Icontests. So I only have very few. Unlike the others, they have hundreads @_@;;.

Last Update: January 27, 2007
No. of Updates: 7 new banners updated here

First Place: 10
Second Place: 08
Third Place:
Mod's Choice: 01
Special Catagory:

My Icon Test Awards ^_^!!!!Collapse )



Credits to

custom_banners   for the award banners

Note: If their are banners or winning icons I haven't posted above. Please tell me or post a reply here of the icons.


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Wallpaper [
Thursday, July 20th, 2006@11:37pm
[ mood | artistic ]

I made an Ouran Koukou Wallpaper.

This is my first wallpaper of 2006. Its been a really long time since I made a wallpaper.

This is also my first Ouran Koukou Host Club Wallpaper. This wallpaper is Featuring Hikaru Hitachiin. Its called My Way cuz of all the arrows and stuff. I suck at making titles.

I finished this a few minutes ago.

Title: My Way

Please comment your opinions.

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BADA 3rd Album & MV uploads [
Monday, June 19th, 2006@9:53pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

My first post with my layout 8D. Made by the ever great & kind, jeneko!! Thanks so much jeneko!! I Love you for this X3!


"Did you know that their is also a Korean version of Nakashima Mika's "FIND THE WAY". The song is sung by the Korean artist, Bada. Bada's FIND THE WAY
. Is the (remake?) Korean version of the Original version of the song.

Bada's Find a Way is released in Bada's 3rd album, "Made in Sea". The third single from the album is a cover of Nakashima Mika's FIND THE WAY.

I heard the news when I was watching a Korean channel called Arirang. They were interviewing Bada. She sang the song during her interview, I didnt recognize it at first. After they should the a little preview of her Music Video and she said the title of the song. I just knew about it. lol She wasnt talking or mentioned about the original version of Find the Way. Only talking about it her Music Video and song of her other song in her 3rd album, VIP.

I have uploaded the song & Music Video behind the fake cut. And the full album of BADA's third Album.

For those lazy ones who doesnt want to download the song or music video. I have uploaded it on YouTube. Its behind the cut."

written at gundamseed
"I dunno If anybody posted this yet. But I just found out yesterday that their is a Korean version of Naruto's 11 Ending, "Soba ni Iru Kara" by Amadori.
I just found out when when I downloaded the Bada's 3rd Album, "Made in Sea". Bada is the singer of the Korean version of "Soba ni Iru Kara". She is also the singer of the Korean version of Gundam Seed's 3rd Ending, Find the Way by Nakashima Mika. I only downloaded the song because the Korean version of Find the Way is their and another song I was looking for.

The Korean version might be a remade version of the Original version. Its a bit different. Anyway, you can download it in the Fake LJ cut. And its title & number is 09 - 곁에 있으니까 (Place Of Sun)"

Hi All. Here is a little gift from me. I have uploaded Bada's full third Album for all you guys :D. Enjoy

☆] Comment If you are downloading any. Its just polite :D.
☆] Credit me If you are uploading this any where.
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First FanFiction: The Perfect Christmas Gift (part 1) [
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006@11:29pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey All, I made a Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanfiction. This is my first time making a fanfiction. Si I dunno If you will like it.

Title: The Perfect Christmas Gift (part 1)
Series: Ouran High School Host Club
Author: Ruka Tatsuya/stellar_gsd
Rating: K
Pairing: Tamaki/Haruhi
Warning: This is my first time making a fanfiction. So O dunno If you will like it

Please also post your reviews in FanFiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2943474/1/

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Ouran Kokou Host Club Icons [
Thursday, May 4th, 2006@6:23am
[ mood | sleepy ]

This is my first batch of Ouran Kokou Host Club Icons. Most Of the Icons are kinda plain (In my opinion). All the Icons were made today from 2am to 6:30 am. Im so tired -_-. Anyway, I hope you likw them^^!!

10 - Haruhi Fujioka
3 - Tamaki Suou
1 - Kyoya Ootori
5 - Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Honey/Huni)
5 - Hikaru Hitaiichin
4 - Kaoru Hitaiichin
1- Morinozuka Takashi (Mori)
1 - Group

Total Icons: 30


☆] Comment with which icons you are taking
☆] Credit me in either icon keywords or icon comments
☆] Textless are not Bases DO NOT MODIFY ANY ICONS
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